Tuesday, January 27, 2009

36. Breaking New Ground. Our group decided to have a "Where are we? " or "Who are we?" discussion last night. We wanted to sort of call out some things that we see happening in our group as it relates to our values. It was a great discussion and brought some good clarity. Our hope is to discover who and where we are collectively so as to locate our selves oin the map per se. Some one asked "what is the map of?" That is a good question. I would now say that the map is a journey of being missional/incarnational. At the time I did not know what to say.

God is defninitely brewing some cool stuff in the group as a whole. Not to mention our own individual lives. This is actually the first real attempt to sort of organize ourselves for mission. So far it has been organic on steroids! While we still don't see a need to be organized for organized sake, I think it is good to sort of map out the terrain and explore what it looks like for us to do something collectively. I am excited!

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