Friday, June 05, 2009

53. Prayer

I have been reading a book lately by Steve Hawthorne called Prayer Walking. This book is so inspiring! Early on in the book he talks about Abraham as the first prayer walker. What a fascinating perspective. Walking around the land that God has given him. Over looking Sodom and pleading for God's mercy on them. Establishing public places of worship. Living in faith that one day he would see his children in this land that God promised.

I have never been much on the idea of "possess the land", but I can buy into the idea of God promising us "children", children in the faith. Abraham walked around to view the land and thought of God's promise that he would give him a family to inhabit this land.

Prayer is one of those things that has a way of pushing us into so many other places of God's heart and life. Prayer is sort of a front door if you will to spirituality. When we walk through it, we see a different environment. Our vision changes. We change.

As I think bout making disciples in Clarksville, one of the most important things we could "transmit" to a new disciple is dependence on God in prayer. I have been convicted lately that this is not a foundational part of my "walk" with God and a new disciple would not "cathc" this from me. I would love for my walk with God to be a prayer virus. This needs to be a part of our culture in Ikon.

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