Saturday, April 03, 2010

103. Integrative Leadership

I am obviously drawn to writing about leadership that falls within the realm of the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic (APE). I have an even stronger draw towards the apostolic as that is my gifting. But I do not want to be guilty of the same thing that I criticize the predominantly Shepherd Teacher (ST) forms of leadership the predominate the consciousness of the church. This would be a travesty too. The solution to the current exiling of the APE's is not to create a vacuum in the institution. Removing ST folks and replacing them with APE's would be just as much a travesty as a leadership system dominated by the ST's. While the APE's are the most generative forms of leadership, we need integrative forms of leadership as well. This is where the ST folks come in. Whenever you have generative forms of leadership working in tandem with integrative forms of leadership, then you ultimately have an adaptive system of leadership. Generative leadership can get things going, but it is significantly challenged with keeping them going. Integrative leadership can keep things going, but it can not generate anything new, or at least not with the intensity and efficiency as the generative types of leadership. We need both operating in the mix if we are to become adaptive. This is quite a challenge, but is feasible, if not down right critical. For too long the church as been lopsided and maladaptive. We need a family reunion under the enthroned Jesus who has given us this beautiful spectrum of gifts.

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