Friday, September 03, 2010

124. The Christus Victor Model of Atonement

I have always been fascinated by the logic, mechanics, and operative dynamics of the atonement. It is one thing to expereince the atonement, it is another ting to explain it. I think the power of the story of Jesus is that it does create an atoning experience, even if you can not explain it. But the teacher side of me likes to explain things. I like to distill it, look into the iner dynamics and get a tighter grasp on what things mean, ow they operate etc.

The movie Gran Torino is probably one of the first movies that I have seen that accurately depicts a Christus Victor model of the death of Jesus. Trailer Here.      Ending Here    It really makes me wonder of Clint Eastwood is aiming at this idea. If he is not, then he does an amazing job of unintentionally illustrating it.

I was on Mark Willis's web site today and saw this video.

I love this video because it depicts Jesus as holding back the forces, and ultimately absorbing their mortal blow, in order to free the girl from those powers. We need to recover this understanding of the atonement, especially as we are entering/already in a post-Christian culture that no longer has guilt as a primary reference point in their relationship with God. The starting point is not going to be guilt in a post-Christian culture. It is going to be shame, and the individuals experience of a world gone to hell. The powers are just as powerful, and just as lively now as the were when Paul wrote Romans. We have to learn how to understand, and explain, the Christus Victor model of the atonement.

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