Sunday, April 10, 2011

148. Missional Community Video for Ikon

Our network gathering was this past Sunday, a time when both of our house churches come together to worship, hang out, get all network-ey, and dabble in matters related to values and vision.

We presented this video to the larger community to introduce what is currently being labeled as The Cunningham Farms Missional Community (we will rename it with a more sexy title later). A group of at least 5 people will be living in this neighborhood and doing the incarnational ministry thing here. Basically, we are entering a second "church plant", but like some of the people on the team have said, we want it to be more than a "church" in the conventional sense of the term. We are starting a missional community, infused with a discipling culture, that will catalyze a movement of disciple making and missional communities, each with their own mission focus (neighborhood or network.)

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