Monday, June 20, 2011

161. MBTI and Organizational Cultures part 3

So I stumbled across something in my Evernote files that I saved a while back called "Competing Values Framework" which was developed by Cameron and Quin This is what it looks like:

 The basic gist of the CVF is that the different kinds of leaders in an organization will bring competing values to the table. Their personalities lead them to value different ways of relating to people and going about accomplishing the core tasks of the organization. This creates a certain kind of organizational culture. It could look something like this:

 If you haven't noticed, this looks very similar to four of the categories in the MBTI.

External Focus = Extroversion
Internal Focus = Introversion
Stability and Control = Judging
Flexibility = Perceiving

If we were to overlap the MBTI personality preferences to the CVF, and narrow it down to the Rationals Temperament (NT) it would look something like this:

The Judging folks obviously know how to get things done in a systematic, focused way. The Perceiving folks are all over the place, but can still meet deadlines and move things along. It just typically drives the J's crazy. NTP's major in the process of imagination and innovation, it is the E and the I that determine how and where this process typically takes place and where those innovative and imaginative resources are channeled. The next post will postulate what it would look like to have the NF's in the middle of the matrix. So, how would you label the four quadrants differently?

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