Saturday, July 09, 2011

164. Missional Liturgy: a prayer of dedication for our new neighborhood

We went prayer walking today with the apostolic band of folks who are moving into the new neighborhood with us. Before we started the prayer walk, my wife Tiffany (who is a prophet-shepherd according to APEST from Ephesians 4) read off a prayer that she crafted as a result of her reflections on the portion of scripture in the Chronicles where Solomon dedicates the Temple.

As she read it, I couldn't help but think about how this is the kind of thing that traditional liturgies aim to create, but ultimately fall short in because they are detached from mission and active engagement with what God is up to in the present. If a prayer, crafted out of deep reflection on God's nature and what he has been doing at the edge, away from the center of our organizations is what liturgy is all about, sign me up.

This is the prayer she read:

Neighborhood Prayer of Dedication

God, our Father in heaven, how awesome You are
So big and beautiful and bright.
Your love reaches into the deepest parts of us and fills us.
Oh Father, let us be a reflection of Your glory.
We give ourselves and this neighborhood to You
That Your will may be done
And that Your kingdom may come.
Let Your mighty power and love take us over.
Father, be the light to our path
Be our strength in weakness
Go before us in battle.

We give this neighborhood to You
We give this mission to You
Take it and have Your way.

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