Tuesday, February 07, 2012

187. Generate Coaching is up and running!!!

Well, its official now. Generate, a coaching and consulting agency for people and organizations looking to engage in missional ventures is now up and running. Here is a brief summary from the website of what Generate is initially looking to provide.

"Anyone starting something new will tell you it comes with it’s own set of challenges. Generate Coaching was started to help pioneering leaders navigate the unique challenges of doing frontier work. With a distinctly movemental approach, we provide strategic coaching to leaders as they seek to lay foundations for missional movements to take place.
If we look at almost any apostolic movement, there is a common pattern in which they develop. The diagram below illustrates the trajectory which apostolic movements take. Each of these developmental phases requires leaders to shift their focus and utilize different skill sets in order to release the generative capacities at each level.
Apostolic Trajectory for Generate Coaching
Generate Coaching specializes in providing coaching relationships that focus on the skills of being and making disciples, along with challenges related to team formation and development. Without a healthy foundation in these two areas, it will be virtually impossible to catalyze a movement of disciple making and missional communities."
I am starting with discipling and team formation because it is at this level that you lay the necessary foundations for a movement to begin. In addition to using discipleship tools crafted by 3DM, I will also be integrating my own tools and wisdom that I have accumulated over the past 17 years in leadership, church planting, ministry and research. 
Those 17 years have been seasoned with significant success and...yes...failure. As an apostle, I have always been drawn to the frontiers, the wide open spaces that invite experimentation and innovative strategies. It has not always been easy, but it has been adventurous...and fruitful. It is out of this place of fruitfulness that I have felt led to share what God has invested in me. If you are interested in participating in a coaching relationship, look around on the site and contact me from there. 

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