Friday, August 28, 2009

61. The Power of Followership

Came a cross this cool book yesterday. It was just hanging out on the bookshelf at Austin Peay Library, waiting to be discovered. The Power of Followership is a great practical book, so I will probably do several posts on it.
Kelley outlines Seven Pathways of Followership that are quite comprehensive. He of course explores each path and described in detail.

1. Apprentice: Motivated to follow by their desire to become a leaders.
2. Disciple: Motivated to identify and bond with the leader.

3. Mentee: Motivated by the desire for personal improvement, and not necessarily by a desire to lead.
4. Comrade: Motivated by the desire to belong to a group of like minded people.

5. Loyalist: Motivated by an emotional commitment to another person.

6. Dreamer: Motivated by a personal dream and does not care about leading.

7. Lifestyle: Motivated by recognition of true state of affairs, and a desire for humility.
If you are looking to distill your discipleship roles with Jesus, this would be a great paradigm to use.

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