Friday, August 28, 2009

62. 5 Types of Followers

This is part two of The Power of Followership. As someone who is lerning how to lead and follow all at the same time, I am interested in this idea of followership. Kelley points to Five Types of Leaders (9 really if you analyze it closely).

I wonder how many people live in the pragmatic survivor mode? I realize that some people are peace keepers (not peace makers, that is an entirely different concept). They enjoy equillibrium and want to make sure things get accomplished with minimal conflict. The thing about the pragmatist is that they often become enablers to a system that is in desperate need of an earthquake. Pragmatists are great to have around when things are on track, But they can be a liability when there is something fundamentally wrong. They have a conflict aversion and most of all a risk aversion. we need examplary followers who have the courage to stand up to leaders and think critically about what is going on around them. Ironically, when this happens, an exemplary follower transforms into an exemplary leader.

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