Monday, September 05, 2005

3. The Missional Church. Well, so far I have been some what critical about the present order of things. Definitely do not want to give the impression that my motivations are purely reactionary to the state of things in the Church of Christ and the evangelical scene as a whole. Although these factors are a part of the package. But, like I have said before, they are not primary. They are more secondary to a more foundational issue. I want to be a part of a movement that influences people for God. A movement that majors on the majors, and minors on the minors. I want to participate in the Kingdom agenda, a missional community, a culturally relevant expression of the mission of God. In processing what this means and what it would look like, I can't help but think about the obstacles I have faced in the Church of Christ. Legalism, Institutionalism, Attractional, Dualistic and Ethnocentric orientations. I feel like an Indy 500 driver shackled to a golf cart. It would be silly to get angry at the golf cart. It would also be silly to stay in the golf cart! The system is the system. That is all. You can not demand more out of a system than it is designed to give. So this leaves me at a point of decision. Settle for the golf cart and pretend as if this is what God had in mind all along. Or, reach for the keys of faith and vision, unlock the shackles and high tale it to the race track!
Planting a missional church is no easy task. Just planting a church period is no easy task. In fact, it is easier to criticize a church than it is to plant one. When a problem arises in a plant, you can not start pointing fingers and blame the "system". Why not? Because we reproduce what we are, not what we say. A problem in a plant means that it was born right in your own backyard. This is a sobering thought. It is a humbling thought. Right now, most of these thoughts are.....just that....thoughts. It becomes real when the plant begins. What an adventure ahead. YES!
Well, I need some training. I need greater faith. I need more vision. These will all come in God's time. But one thing is for sure. I am headed for the track!

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B. said...

Well worded planter.

I've ran into many influences along my path, a similar journey as your own, as you well know.

I met Frank Viola and his movement for the organic church.

When I read Lagard Smith's Radical Restoration, I figured that someone in our movement wasn't too far away.

I had to go all the way to Northwest Church in Seattle before I actually saw some people bold enough to implement the things I was discovering the church should be.

Thanks for your boldness and my prayers are with you as they've always been.