Monday, September 12, 2005

6. Trust. I must trust him even if I can not trace him. He alludes my calendar, he out performs my expectations, he leads me through uncharted paths, he makes me wait......He tests my passion for him, he refines my motives, he takes me through the winepress of suffering, up the hill of crucifixion, on the slab of inaction, and finally, yes finally, into the glory of resurrection. This pathway actually authenticates my spirituality. If I share in his death and suffering, I will most definitely share in his resurrection. To be conformed to the story is to be on journey with Jesus. It is only through the trial that we can learn the power of his resurrection.

On thing I have learned about God, is that he refuses to be held to our timelines or expectations. He is sovereign. He has this thing called a Kingdom Agenda. I would like to see myself on this Island with "my agenda" being the only factor in God's mind. My goals and passions at the forefront of is activity in the world. But this would not be his Kingdom. It would be mine. God's Kingdom is larger than my plans, than my activity for him. It crosses our boundaries of denominations and doctrines. The Lord does not Reign in a condominium of religious preference. The Lord Reigns over all the earth.

God is orchestrating Kingdom Activity all around me. I am merely a team player with other Kingdom People. Like a master chess player, God is maneuvering and manipulating circumstances in the presence of both the enemy and peoples decisions. Whether I know it or not, I am cooperating with the community of God. He is synergizing my efforts with other people to bring about the greatest amount of glory.

Why is it taking so long, why is this person not emerging, why did he say no, why now? I must trust him, even if I can't trace him. When the son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?

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